Last Man On Earth (S02E08) “No Bull”

2 08 - Last Man On Earth (S02E08) "No Bull"

Review: This week answered some questions I was having while watching last week’s episode: What happened to the cow? How is Phil’s brother in space doing? And of course, what’s going on with Phil #2, in the stocks?

We get an answer to the first question pretty fast. The cow apparently hooked up with some bull, got pregnant and delivered a calf: “Holy cow”. The gang decides to go look for the bull, and when Phil tells Phil #2, who’s in the stocks doing his time, about the bull, Phil #2 convinces Phil to take him out of the stocks so he can help finding the bull. But when Phil lets him out, Phil #2 doesn’t seem to go look for the bull, but leaves, like he was planning to do before Erica announced her pregnancy.

Gail is having some alone time with Gordon, the CPR dummy, until Todd walks in. This leads to a hilariously awkward scene between the two, that is later (while they are searching for the bull) followed by another very awkward scene. In this scene Gail talks about how much she misses the real Gordon and Todd tells her he understands. His relationship with Melissa has been a mess. Melissa can’t forgive Todd for eating the bacon and they even break up. When Todd tells Gail about the breakup, they kiss.

Everybody is still looking for the bull and there is a lot of tension in the group, especially when Phil gives a speech that shows everybody’s weaknesses (hitting on a married man, hiding bacon, teen pregnancy, etc.). Everybody starts fighting with each other, and after that they don’t really talk with each other anymore. Until the bull shows up at the house, brought there by Phil #2. So Phil #2 came back and is even ready to get back in the stocks to do his time, as he promised Phil, but the group decides that this isn’t necessary and together they eat the bull (that had been shot by too many tranquilizer darts).

Meanwhile, Mike Miller, Phil’s brother, tries to get in contact with the people that still might be on earth. At one point he thinks that he gets a signal from earth, but as it turns out, he just hears himself talk on the radio. I really like his storyline so far and I’m looking forward to what they will do with him next!

Mary Steenburgen was really good in this episode. I loved the scenes between Todd and Gail, they were really funny. I’m also wondering where the writers will take their relationship after that kiss. Will Forte was great again as well, I loved the way he delivered his Tandy-talks. Another great episode this week, with a lot of hilarious one-liners!

Rating: 9/10

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