The Muppets (S01E09) “Going, Going, Gonzo”

1 09 - The Muppets (S01E09) "Going, Going, Gonzo"

Review: This week’s episode focuses on The Great Gonzo (brought to you by Piggy Water). After accidentally doing a stunt, Gonzo realizes that he wants to go back to his days as daredevil. Kermit tries to convince Piggy to let Gonzo do a stunt during Up Late, but she doesn’t really want this, until Kermit proposes that the stunt can be promoted by Miss Piggy’s newest product: Piggy Water and she agrees to that, when she’s in her glamour coma. But at the last minute, The Great Gonzo, brought to you by Piggy Water gets scared and does not want to do the stunt anymore. In the end, when Gonzo hears Dave Grohl sing ‘Learn To Fly’, he decides that he can do the stunt and succeeds!

The guest in the episode is Joseph Gordon-Levitt. After singing a song with Miss Piggy on Up Late, Rizzo and Pepe decide to teach him how to play poker (of course only to get him to lose, so they can get his money). Pepe’s poker outfit is really great, as is Joey’s acting work in this scene because he actually faked not being able to play poker, and wins it all!

This episode was great. The use of smaller characters was great, and there were some very funny punchlines. The scenes of Scooter and The Electric Mayhem were fun as well! Great use of guests Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Dave Grohl, I especially loved the last scene with the drum battle between Dave and Animal.

Rating: 8.5/10

One more episode before the winter break, and it was announced that there will be some kind of reboot after this break. I have been enjoying the season so far, so I hope they won’t mess up the show with this reboot.