The Goldbergs (S03E09) “Wingmom”

3 09 - The Goldbergs (S03E09) "Wingmom"

Review: When Barry informs his parents that he will be joining the military, after seeing a recruiter of ROTC at school, Bev of course forbids him to sign up. Murray however is proud of his son and doesn’t mind giving him the signature he needs, if he promises not to quit and not to tell his mom. But when Barry realizes that the training is too hard for him, he asks for Bev’s help to get out of it. But when she confronts the Captain, he tells her that Murray, who called earlier, forbid him to get Barry out of this. As an alternative, Beverly joins Barry as his wingmom, trying to support him with positive comments, instead of the negativity of the Captain. Murray is disappointed when he finds out that Bev has been Barry’s overprotective wingmom, and explains to her that he wanted Barry to join, to secure his future, like how it worked out for him. This is when Beverly realizes that she has been smothering Barry, and she decides to let Barry do this thing on his own.

In the other storyline, Adam is having a good time with his best friend Pops. They try to get free movie tickets, by listening to a sales presentation about timeshares in Florida. But when Pops decides to buy one, Adam is worried because a 2 month timeshare will turn into a half year stay in Florida, and eventually to Pops moving to Florida. He gets so mad at Pops that he decides to replace him with his other grandpa Pop Pop. This does not really go as planned because Pop Pop is nothing like Pops, and when they run into Pops and Erica at the mall, things heat up between the two grandpas. Adam decides he will be fine grandfatherless, until Pops shows up at the arcade, trying to win back his grandson by winning a game of Ms. Pacman. Pops doesn’t win, but it does make Adam realize that he acted selfish and Adam and Pops make up.

It was a pleasant surprise to see Judd Hirsch again. I did not expect him in this episode because we just saw him in the last one, but he was great again! The rivalry between him as Pop Pop and Pops was very funny, as always. I loved Barry this week as well, his love for ‘nature’s candy’ and his ridiculous nicknames were hilarious. Both storylines were really great this week, and I especially loved how Adam talked about both his grandfathers at the end of the episode. It was very heartfelt. Also, I loved Bev’s camo!!

Rating: 8.5/10