The Middle (S07E09) “The Convention”

Review: Now that the dental office Frankie works at is taken over by Smile Superstars, she has to go to a ‘fundatory’ dental convention in Des Moines, which doesn’t really sound fun to her, until she hears it’s all expenses paid. She even gets Mike to join her, and without any money for a good babysitter, Grandpa Big Mike shows up to babysit Brick. As it turns out though, Big Mike seems to be the one that needs to be taken care of and Brick shows his grownup side by doing so. “It’s a good thing grandpas are cute” because “they are a lot of work at this age”.

Meanwhile, Axl moves in with Sue, when he realizes that Sue has an empty bed. Of course Sue is not happy with that, but Frankie and Mike are with Axl on this because they really want him out of their house. Sue eventually turns around as well, when she realizes that, thanks to her brother, their room is now the place to be. Axl even turns her into a party girl, but this does have some consequences when Sue sleeps through her alarm, which makes her miss an exam. Luckily Axl is there to help Sue out by coming up with the perfect lie to tell the teacher.

Back to Frankie and Mike in Des Moines. At first Frankie is not happy at all when she’s at the convention, but after hearing CEO Dr. Samuelson (Cheryl Hines) give a speech, she gets really excited about the whole concept. Even so excited that she’s getting a little frisky with Mike in the hotel room. This goes on for a couple of days, until the bill arrives… Frankie and Mike are still convinced that they should not be getting a bill because the convention was all expenses paid, but when they ask Dr. Goodwin he explains them that ‘all expenses paid’ means that only the room is paid for. So no fancy shoe shines that make Mike look like he’s running for congress, or dry cleaning that makes Frankie feel special because they fold her underwear. The bill adds up to $674 and of course the Hecks are not able to pay this bill. That’s why Frankie decides to go down to Dr. Samuelson and ask if by any chance Smile Superstars can pay the bill for them. Although the company won’t pay the bill (they’ll take it out of Frankie’s next 6 paychecks), Frankie is happy that they spent all this money because they had so much fun.

3 great guest stars this week! Cheryl Hines was a lot of fun and I hope we will see her more often and I was very happy to see Jack McBrayer back again. One of my favorite moments of the episode was when Mike did his southern accent to Dr. Goodwin. I’m very happy that Sue finally made some friends in college too! I thought it was great that we got to see a very grownup side to Brick, that we haven’t really seen before. All in all this was a great episode, with 3 strong storylines.

Rating: 8.5/10

Oh yeah. This song has been stuck in my head ever since I watched the episode.