Arrow review so far.

Arrow unlike The Flash has been having a better plot as usual. The story seems to be continuous but the only problem being too many fantasy addition. It’s like anyone can come back from the dead but thankfully not anymore. 

Damien Dark was well casted and the whole blood lust part decreasing by his touch is an interesting idea. But the touch thing should also have an also very epic ending rather than an arrow shot or an equipment to help them. A big problem must have an epic solution. 

The crossover was irrelevant with it being very predictable as episode lasts 45 minutes and well we also saw Barry ghosts and basically no one as gonna die and Olicity wasn’t going to end.

Other than that the angle of Diggle’s brother has been doing great and the flashback making up for the rest of the plot. Constantine made it fun and entertaining but Sarah disappearing made the whole bringing her back boring and too obvious for the new spin-off. Palmer kept another episode occupied but now there is a new assistant that is in the team now. 

In general it is doing much better than The Flash with the constant clashing makin the story entertaining but mostly the flashbacks are the best thing.