The Originals review so far. 

So far this season is going pretty well! With Marcel being the inside man, Hayley becoming more of a Mikaelson. Freya being the witch now instead of the usual Devina help who is now kicked out.

Tristen & Aurora are a good addition but Aurora lacks this killer edge. Plus a Klaus pretending to be in love was kind of not brining the fire in the series. Tristen is actually this awesome dude his face matches his personality in other words perfect cast! But the best addition was Lucian who actually is vital to the plot, turning sides and always planning something his swag is awesome! 

Talking about plots, the whole new stake thing is kind of a dangerous move it could result in repitition or a killer season. The great way of making Rebekkah’s latitude & longitude thing was genius. The prophecy is great idea with now the blood part on the painting realised. But I hope the whole family civil war doesn’t repeat every season. 

The whole amazing part of the series is the political approach they have, introducing a whole group of powerful vampires is great and opens to a lot of future stories. Plus the baby is gonna start doing something soon.