Last Man On Earth (S02E09) “Secret Santa”

2 09 - Last Man On Earth (S02E09) "Secret Santa"

Review: Also in a world after the virus, Christmas has to be celebrated. Especially Carol is very festive and decorates the whole house with Christmas stuff. She also organizes for the group to play Secret Santa, as long as the gifts are not more than a billion dollars. Between getting each other gifts, Gail and Todd try to keep their relationship a secret for the rest, Melissa is worried about Todd, Carol keeps decorating the house, Mike in space, gets even lonelier when his last worm dies and Phil tries to get a thank you from Phil #2, by giving him Erica’s name and a suitable present he can give to her: a hope diamond.

Then the day of the gift-giving arrives. It starts with Erica’s gift for Carol: a chair from Oprah’s studio audience, plus JLo’s green dress, to all excitement of Carol of course: “Shut all the doors in the house, Erica!!!”. After that it’s Todd’s turn, he drew Gail’s name and gets her ZZ Top’s car. Phil (who got his own name when he switched with Phil #2) gets himself Pitbull’s yacht that he blows up immediately. Carol gets Melissa the boots she wanted, though it wouldn’t be a gift from Carol if she didn’t completely bedazzle the boots. Melissa gets Todd a very thoughtful gift, she makes him prom king because of a story he told her about being bullied as a kid. Gail drew Phil #2’s name, but she doesn’t really like him after all that has happened and didn’t get him anything (besides the wicker ball that was just laying around on the table). The best gift of all comes from Phil #2, for Erica of course. Instead of the hope diamond Phil suggested, he actually gives a very thoughtful gift, by giving Erica the possibility to see her baby.

Later, Melissa comes in the room and proposes to Todd because she realizes that she can only be happy with him (great acting by Mel Rodriguez in this scene by the way). While she (and with her, all of us) are waiting for an answer, Phil #2 collapses with what seems to be terrible pain in his stomach. That’s when we switch back to space where Mike has decided that it’s enough, and while he’s ready to leave the space station, that will probably lead to his death, he finds out, just a little too late that one of the worms is still alive.

This is one of my favorite episodes yet. The sad scenes in space, between all the Christmas excitement were very well done, but most of all this episode was very funny, I loved it! A great performance by all the actors, Kristen Schaal in particular! I really can’t wait for the next episode, especially after all these cliffhangers!

Rating: 9.5/10