The Muppets (S01E10) “Single All The Way”

Review: It’s Christmas time for the Muppets, but not everybody is in the spirit. Beckie broke up with Fozzie and so he really has a hard time playing a happy Santa. The other Muppets however seem to be totally ready for Christmas. Sam is waiting patiently under the mistletoe for Janice to come by, and Yolanda organizes Secret Santa, but only put her own name in because she was left out last year.

But things on Up Late are not going as well as planned. Mindy Kaling is this week’s guest and they have her sing a song with Miss Piggy in the opening of the show, which was not the best idea, as she is not a good singer at all. And with only 45 minutes left before the show starts, a horrible opening act and no Santa, there is not much of a Christmas show left.

In those 45 minutes, Kermit, Gonzo, Pepe and Rizzo try to convince Mindy not to do a song, but a comedy sketch. Mindy prefers doing the song though and they have to come up with something else. Piggy tries to cheer up Fozzie, and because she has been through the same thing as he (being broken up with), this actually helps him, and Fozzie is back as Santa! But he gets Piggy to start thinking about her breakup with Kermit. She realizes that she did not fight for him and feels totally down about this. So now with less than five minutes till the show starts, Miss Piggy doesn’t want to do the show. Kermit decides to talk to her and they have a good talk about how they are still friends and how Piggy is someone who can make people who watch Up Late feel better. Kermit makes Piggy feel good enough to do the show. Mindy’s terrible singing is covered up by having her sing with all the Muppets. In the last scene we see Kermit talking to Denise, while Piggy looks at them, and Sam finally gets a kiss of Janice on his beak!

This episode was really good and very sweet. I loved Mindy’s role, she was not overused, but was very funny in the scenes she was in. I really enjoyed the last few scenes. Seeing all the Muppets singing together was very nice and I also liked the conversation between Kermit and Piggy. I wonder where this will go after the winter break!

Rating: 8/10

Like I said last week, the show will be rebooted after the holidays and I am very curious what will change. There are still 6 episodes left in this season and we will need to wait and see what will happen to the show after that…