Arrow S04E09: Dark Waters 

Review: Usually all superhero series end with happy ending, but again this is not the ending of a season and it has been like this since the beginning someone dies in the mid-season finale. 

To begin with the episode clearly had the idea of Oliver trying to play out 2 characters and it was evident as he got beatings as Oliver but beat the hell up as Arrow. Which was actually realistic. The whole kidnapping friends thing & attacking parties, the campaign & his friends is the very old book trick of every bad guy.

The interesting thing was the Nazi gas tank inspired by Hitler I think 😂. It is actually weird that Felicity managed to survive the gas as the ‘volunteer’ didn’t last long. Plus she isn’t skilled at the breath holding or anything other than computer related things.

I for one think Malcolm must never pull of an arrow suit it doesn’t suit him! His bad guy image is the awesomest thing. 

Damien dark seems to be indestructible but Malcolm managed to get him down with the arrow which is a start. But I hope they find a realistic way to show his demise and not any easy way as it has been very difficult to kill him. 

On to the final quest, Felicity. Now many of you would be jumping up and down. Like come on in your mayoral Christmas no wait Holiday party you get proposed. 

Unfortunately the Honeymoon didn’t last long as Dark enjoyed his evening with his family Oliver wasn’t able to get out safe with Felicity. 

But a weird fact, the driver got hit so many times by a bullet in the front seat but when Oliver went not even once but  Felicity got hit when he was going in front kind of unrealistic & a bad way of killing/hurting one of the main characters.

Now the million $$ question:

Rating: 9/10

Tweets: it says it all! Many angry Olicity Fans. The hot tub one is funny!