The Middle (S07E10) “Not So Silent Night”

Review: It’s Christmas Eve in Orson and the night starts slow with the whole family eating dinner. But it soon becomes a chaos when Frankie finds out that her watch is not really working anymore (after she dropped it in the toilet) and they will be late for church. Or at least, too late to have a good seat. Everybody is trying to get dressed as quickly as possible, but that’s when Frankie realizes that it doesn’t matter anyway. They are already too late and should just stay home and watch a church service on TV. Mike thinks this is the best idea she has ever had since she said no fourth kid (or actually no second kid). And so they stay home.

During one of the commercial breaks, Sue wants to take a family picture and when she goes to the computer to Photoshop a Christmas hat on Mike’s head, she accidentally deletes ALL the family photos of the last 7 years. When it doesn’t even help to unplug the computer for 5 (or 30) seconds, Frankie panics. And when she realizes she has no idea where the pictures are from before it all went digital, they search through the whole house. Luckily Sue finds a box, the box however is not filled with baby pictures, but with old People magazines. And that’s when Frankie has a total emotional breakdown. Mike doesn’t want to get into it because it has happened before and he’s just done. So the kids try to cheer Frankie up, and when this doesn’t work they try to force Mike to fix her. And when Frankie sees the whole family fighting, she realizes that they’re a family that needs church…

On Christmas morning, when it’s time for gifts, Mike has a special gift for Frankie: the box with pictures, she thought she lost. None of these photos seem to include Brick by the way (although according to Frankie they have only forgotten him on one Christmas photo), but Frankie has no problem trying to hide that!

Not like they don’t do a great job every week, but this week everyone’s acting was really fantastic. Especially Patricia Heaton’s line delivery was amazing and she did some great acting work in the scenes that showed her breakdown. This episode was very relatable to me, from the hurrying for church to Frankie’s reaction when she realized the pictures were all gone. Also, the amount of callbacks to earlier seasons was really great, I love how consistent this show is!

Rating: 9.5/10

The Middle is going on a small winter hiatus and will be back on January 6th 2016! Happy Heckadays! 🙂