The Goldbergs (S03E10) “A Christmas Story”

Review: For the Goldbergs this time of year doesn’t mean Christmas because they celebrate Hanukkah. The kids are not too thrilled about it, because of the crappy food and the 8 days of presents, which sounds nice at first, but the presents aren’t all that great (underpants, school supplies, zit cream, etc.). But after visiting the Kremps (the neighbors from across the street), who do celebrate Christmas, Beverly wants to make Hanukkah a lot more fun for her kids, and she tries to create a holiday that will sizzle and pop: Super Hanukkah. She does this by introducing the Hanukkah bush (with a hilarious story of origin), with presents that will be opened on one morning and of course Hanukkah Harry. These things are in no way the same as a Christmas tree, Christmas morning or Santa Claus (or at least that’s what Beverly tries to make us believe). Things seem to go well for Beverly until Pops arrives. He is not very pleased to see that Bev has traded in her family traditions. He storms out and comes back later dressed as ‘Hanuclaus’, including a sack of shame with depressing presents to show Beverly that her new traditions are ridiculous. She doesn’t understand this until she realizes that being good at family is knowing where you come from and Pops and Bev make up.

Adam is happy to be able to spend some time playing Ball Ball with his big brother Barry, without his moronic posse around. But now that Barry has a girlfriend (Lainey is finally back!), Barry rather plays the game with her instead of Adam. And when it’s time to watch their favorite movie A Christmas Story, Barry wants to watch it with Lainey instead of Adam. Adam angrily runs out the basement, with Lainey following him to ask him what’s up. When he explains the situation, Lainey is totally curvy and understanding and goes home, so that Adam can spend time with Barry. But when Barry realizes his girlfriend went home, he wants to go after her, until Adam triple dog dares him to stick his tongue to the tetherball pole outside. When Barry tricks Adam, by pretending he wants a hug, they both get stuck to the pole and they make up.

This episode was very funny, it had great one-liners and as always, the episode ended with a heartfelt scene, this time between Beverly and Pops. The scenes of Adam and Barry stuck to the pole were hilarious, as was Murray’s face when he saw the boys when they came home: “I’ve raised morons”. George Segal was great this episode, I loved seeing him as Hanuclaus and I couldn’t stop laughing at his (Christmas-inspired) Hanukkah songs!

Rating: 9.5/10

The Goldbergs is going on a small winter hiatus and will be back on January 6th 2016! Happy Super Hanukkah! 🙂