The Originals S03E09: Savior

Review: Christmas with the Mikaelsons never ends well, does it? Ranging all the way back to their time on “The Vampire Diaries”, you can always count on the Original Vampires to bring some violence down the chimney. Besides being filled with the blood-stained Christmas cheer that was to be expected, it was also the mid-season finale which did a great job at bringing things to a climactic bang that will launch us into the new year when the show returns on Friday, January 29th.

Where to begin? Claire Holt returned as Rebekah, who had thankfully been fished up from the bottom of the sea by Elijah. Unfortunately, The Strix had taken this turn of events into account, revealing that the stake she had been neutralized with had also been designed to curse her, turning her into a rabid ripper who spoke very openly about a couple of hard truths. While she was pulling a Grinch and ruining Christmas, Freya tried desperately to cure her sister from her curse and called on the help of last week’s cliffhanger; the return of eldest brother Finn, still trapped in her necklace. It was, at first, very apparent that he wouldn’t help at all, not exactly a fan of his siblings, but it was very nice seeing him come around…even just a little…and trying to help Freya cure Rebekah. Maybe there’s hope for the judgmental jerk after all. It was great having both of these Original siblings back (now fingers crossed for Kol who remained conspicuously unmentioned after Rebekah had been trying to revive him in her last appearance!) but the returns didn’t last long; with Rebekah begging to be daggered when it became clear her curse wasn’t going anywhere, and Finn’s spirit being used as leverage against Vincent. I hope we see them both again soon. The more Mikaelsons, the better.

The episode actually seemed to be shaping up for a happy ending prior to Rebekah being daggered by Elijah. That seemed like a enough of a  heart breaker…but apparently not! After a Christmas miracle leading to Klaus and Cami finally accepting their feelings for each other, Cami was killed beside him in bed while he slept! It sure looks like she was compelled by Aurora, who “looked forward to the future” and it just re-affirms my hatred for that woman. Worst ex-girlfriend ever. I hope there’s a way to save Cami, even if she had to transition into a vampire, but one things for sure…Klaus is going to make sure the new year is a bloody one.

Violent, surprising, and heart-breaking, it was a Christmas to remember.

Rating: 9/10