Black-ish (S02E10) “Stuff”

Review: Pops feels like Christmas at the Johnsons is too much about stuff. And when Dre sees that his kids are ungrateful for the gifts they got for Christmas last year, he agrees with Pops and they decide that they will only get one gift this year. So the kids come up with plan to get on the good side of their parents so that they will receive more gifts.

Seeing Ruby and Pops in scenes together is always a lot of fun, I think Ruby is actually my favorite character of the whole show! Jr. was very funny when he tried to disappear as part of the kids’ plan: “Never say die”. I also like it that Wanda Sykes seems to become a recurring character, now that Charlie is gone. I think she is funny!

Rating: 8.5/10

black-ish is going on a small winter hiatus and will be back on January 6th 2016! Happy holidays! 🙂