Fresh Off The Boat (S02E10) “The Real Santa”

Review: In this episode Eddie and Emery try to figure out what they should get their mom for Christmas. I loved the dynamic between the two brothers! But the storyline I loved even more was about Evan and Santa Claus. When Evan starts to think that Santa Claus isn’t as smart as his mother always said, Jessica actually tells him the truth: “The real Santa is Chinese”. But when Evan is still confused, Jessica dresses up as Santa to show him Chinese (and female) Santa is real. Constance Wu was absolutely brilliant in this scene dressed as Santa.

Great episode, with some very funny scenes. Oh and also, Jessica Town looked awesome (especially with Garfield in it)!

Rating: 9/10

Fresh Off The Boat is going on a winter hiatus and will be back on February 2nd 2016! Happy holidays! 🙂