Modern Family (S07E09) “White Christmas”

Review: I quite enjoyed this episode. I think it was one of the best episodes of this season yet. The whole family is together in a cabin for the holidays and some big things are announced. First of all Jay is retiring and wants to pass on the company to Claire (or does he?). And besides that, the situation between Haley and Andy is still not resolved, and when Gloria invites Andy’s fiancée Beth over to the cabin, things go from bad to worse (especially since the rest of the family just found out what is going on between Andy and Haley). But the big reveal of the evening is that Andy was not the only one cheating; Beth has been cheating on Andy as well, and that is how their engagement ends.

I loved seeing Lily back. She was absent in the last couple of episodes, but she (and her brilliant sarcastic comments) were back again! Her storyline with Luke and Manny was very funny.

Rating: 8/10

Modern Family is going on a small winter hiatus and will be back on January 6th 2016! Happy holidays! 🙂