The Escort Movie Review

The Escort Review: A sex addicted journalist and a highly educated escort forging a partnership and eventually bonding and falling in love. Tell me if you have seen this sort of movie before because I sure have not.

The film opens with Natalie (played by Lyndsy Fonseca), a Stanford educated escort at work, paid by an old man dressed disgustingly like baby to have a funny role playing sex. We also get introduced to Mitch(played by Michael Doneger) , a struggling journalist who is addicted to having sex with women he meet on a sex app called climax.
They first meet at a bar where Natalie targets Mitch as potential client for a Thousand per hour price tag.(Mitch of course could not afford her. Neither could I if I’m being honest.)

Mitch got fired from his job. The editor of a magazine gives him a shot at a job that requires him to write an article. He forms an unusual partnership with Natalie with the intention of writing an article about her. Natalie though has plans of her own as she uses Mitch as a bodyguard (even though he is hardly bodyguard material).

As the movie progresses, the two bond over a series of interesting events. They bonded over STD scares and rated the clinics they get tested at (has any couple ever done that honestly?). Paying a visit to Mitch’s rich but stingy father Charles (played by Bruce Campbell) and football playing little sister with Natalie posing as his girlfriend. And Eventually as you would expect from a ROMANCE film, they fall in love.(Natalie who does not kiss guys on the job shares a kiss with Mitch)

Here’s my thoughts on the film. It is brilliant. I could end my review with those three words but allow me to explain.

The two main characters are probably the last people in the world you would think could ever fall in love. Fonseca does a good job in portraying Natalie, her character is deep and her troubled past (which pushed her to be an escort) is well told.
Doneger’s character Mitch is a bit under developed and his lack of a backstory makes his character feel like an empty shell, but have no doubt, Michael Doneger acted really well.

The story is well written. There are minor flaws like mentioned above where Mitch’s character is rather “empty” and Mitch’s father Charles is not very good, but then again neither is my review. But it is a fresh story that would satisfy people looking for a non typical romance comedy.

All in all I give it an 8/10.

Do let me know your thoughts on the movie.