Catching up on Gotham! 

Review: This season has something different, usually any series has a story that lasts a whole season. But in this season the Galavan story ends by the mid-season finale. Sure there is the part where the guy wears the same suit as the flamethrower but has some ice style thing shooting out can be a continuation. 

 With there already being The Oc reunion between Ryan & Melissa in Gotham in other words Ben and her. She is said to be something like Black Widow it will be interesting.

Moving forward, the plot was perfect with every episode syncing with the next one. The best part for me was seeing the whole gang together after Galavan in the last episode! 

The series also had great ways of eliminating every villain one by one but the monks story seems to have ended soon maybe we see a continuation to it. 

But of course the sister and niece are on the loose which is going to be essential for next year. 

That’s it! Great season.