Supergirl the latest addition to superhero series review. 

Review: This series has been great, in the sense you don’t feel the problem solving happening as it is integrated in the plot. 

For eg: The Red Robot was a very good example of how we know she will win. But they still managed to make it seem like it was part of the plan as it was supposed to be an experiment. 

Moving on, the whole love triangle is very common in Berlantiverse and well here we see more as Olsen is with Lucy, but Kara likes Olsen and Olsen kind of likes her. The IT dude likes her. It’s too complicated 😂

Introducing the Martian makes things interesting, Maxwell Lord is doing a fine job and Catco as well. 

Lastly the worst part is that her face is seen and her boss can’t recognise her. Much like Arrow.

But I honestly think it is better than The Flash story wise.