Quantico S01E11: Inside (Mid-Season Finale)

Review: Just when we thought that we know who is going to be the bomber, something happens. Elias kills himself like seriously dude for someone who wanted to live life killed himself in a second. 

At the moment the most likely person is Caleb, mainly because he is pretending to be Raymond, but that isn’t my opinion but what the show wants you too see. The other twin wasn’t seen but it is very unlikely. Alex was already being framed, Shelby, Vazques and Simon were always there but you never know. 

What actually was great about this episode is how the terrorists were smart. The way they play mind games and the way they managed to fool the whole country’s cops. That is some kind of trickery and master planning.

But I have to add the past and present for a little confusing as we were seeing the same people at the same time. 

The biggest moment in all those past memories were how Shelby & Caleb separated. Everyone’s happy couple separated in a bad way it’s not that Shelby doesn’t have a point but what happened to everyday is a new day? 😂

With the series at a break now, the command Center blasted what do you think happens next? 

Before you comment that vote here on who you think was the one who caused the blast. 

Quantico returns Sunday, March 6 2016.

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