Jane The Virgin S02E08: Chapter 30


We start off the episode with Jane still being mad at Rafael for turning Michael in. She thinks he did it because he was jealous and completely ignores the fact that Michael did put Mateo in danger by releasing Nadine and that what Rafael paid someone to tell the police was, in fact, the truth. Man, Jane can be a pain in the ass sometimes, she even yelled at Santa. The point of this episode was for Jane to realize that she is always stuck in her own perspective and can’t understand things from another person’s point of view, which she did in the end.

Rogelio, aka the best character on this show, is still struggling with the fact that he doesn’t have as much money as he used to. Plus, he is really sad that Michael and Jane aren’t together because he loves Michael and wants to be friends with him, so he later goes to stalk him and is determined to get that #bromance back. (And may I just say, Jaime Camil’s facial expressions are the best thing ever, somebody give him an Emmy! He was hilarious in La Fea Mas Bella but this is next level.)

Jane confronts the evil journalist that used her friendship to advance his career and goes to complain about him, but then she finds out something shocking: The scholarship that she thought she got, wasn’t actually a scholarship, it was Rogelio’s money (who as we all know, can’t even afford a pizza at the moment). She then goes to her hot professor whose name I can’t remember, and asks him if she can somehow earn the money Rogelio spent on the scholarship. The hot professor (and probably Jane’s next squeeze) tells her that she can write a short story and enter a contest where she can win a big prize, but there’s only one problem with that, the genre isn’t what she’s used to.

Louisa has been communicating with Rose through some website. She also found out that her mother is alive so Michael and his partner called her in for questioning. She continues to be the dumbest character on this show. She also keeps flirting with Michael’s partner. Later, Michael and his partner tell her that they found her mother and that she faked her death so she can be the drug lord Mutter. She and Michael’s partner go to the mental institution where her mother, Mia, supposedly is (and Louisa takes the opportunity to pretend that she and Michael’s partner are married). Of course, her mom isn’t there so she starts crying. Michael jokes and tells his partner to go and talk to her ‘wife’. Michael and his partner would really be cute together if the writers let the triangle go already.

Alba is still scared that her green card won’t come and Xo comforts her. The relationship between Villanueva women is really the heart of the show.

Rafael bumps into his mother at the police station and she tells him she can’t stop thinking about him and he says that what she did is unforgivable and that he has a son now who he wouldn’t leave for any amount of money. Also, for a good part of the episode, Jane was trying to find out what else Rafael lied about, but she actually found out that he was giving money to a charity.

Xo notices that Rogelio is feeling sad so he tells her that he misses Michael because he would talk to him about the angry feelings he sometimes has because Xo kept him from Jane for 23 years (which is also the reason why Jane gets so mad at people for lying). He also tells her that when he sees Jane pushing Rafael out and Xo encouraging her, it brings those feelings back to the surface, so Xo goes to Jane and tells her to stop trying to push Rafael out and that they should try therapy.

Jane and Rafael go to therapy and she finally realizes why she was so angry with Rafael and understands his point of view.

Rafael and Petra go to the doctor’s appointment, and Petra tells Rafael everything she did the past year and Rafael understands. He then tells her he’ll help her get Magda out of her life. I mean, okay, he understands what she did (being blackmailed into marrying Milos, covering up for Magda etc), but she never explained why she was obsessing over him, drugged him, inseminated herself etc, nobody MADE her do those things. This actress is amazing, but the show keeps ignoring Petra’s bad deeds and keeps focusing on the ones that are caused by her mother so we would feel sorry for her.

The hot professor got Jane’s ex-friend who violated her trust kicked out of school.

At the end, it’s revealed that Jane is still in love with Michael and that he fixed some ornament for her (which should OBVIOUSLY make up for the fact that he hurt Mateo and put him in danger, of course). Alba got her green card. Rogelio found his new passion project (the show based on the script his intern wrote). Magda turned Petra in for murder of Ivan, so yeah, Petra will always be the victim.

Overall, this episode was really entertaining. I only wish they would stop with the triangle because it brings the show down.

Rating: 7/10