Last Man On Earth (S02E10) “Silent Night”

Review: After last week’s episode with three cliffhangers, I was expecting a great mid-season finale, and this episode definitely lived up to those expectations!!

The episode starts with Mike, who was shot out of the spaceship last week, but he gets back inside to be with the new worm he found. He names him Phil, after his brother of course. Mike and Phil the worm discuss if it would be possible to go back to earth. It seems to be impossible, but because time is running out, Mike has to go.

Meanwhile, back on earth, the group finds out that Phil #2 has appendicitis (no, it’s not just gas). He needs surgery, but without any doctors around, he will have to rely on Gail (who has performed most of the medical stuff so far). Gail really doesn’t want to be the one to do the surgery, but agrees to do it, after Erica convinces her. She prepares, while the rest of the gang gets the supplies together for the surgery. Gail, with Todd (who just answered to Melissa’s proposal with a ‘no’) by her side, starts practicing. First with small pies and later on a dummy. But before this dummy is found, she has Phil and Todd looking for a good body to practice on. They go to the morgue, but when they can only find skeletons in the ‘body lockers’, Phil comes up with the plan to dig up Gordon. Both of these scenes were fantastic, as are most scene between Todd and Phil (also, Todd’s dance skills are on point). Anyway, to get back to Gail, the body wasn’t necessary because Melissa and Carol found a practice dummy. Phil #2’s situation is getting worse, and even though Gail isn’t completely prepared, she has to operate on him now.

In the last, very intense scene of the episode we switch back and forth between the operating room, where Gail is trying to save Phil #2’s life and the capsule with Mike on its way to earth. While the capsule is catching fire and seems to fall apart, Gail and Todd try everything to keep Phil #2 from bleeding to death. In the end, all that’s left is a screaming Mike descending to earth and the long beep of Phil #2’s heart rate monitor.

Great performances by all cast members! I loved it that also in this particularly sad episode, the characters were still being themselves (Phil talking to the appendix and the baby, Carol talking about the emotional doggie bag, Gail’s drinking habit, etc.). The unusual stories that this show has, make it one of the best shows on TV at the moment! There is definitely no other comedy like it on right now. I love how the writers are not scared of also exploring dramatic story lines, like they did this week, and they still make it hilarious. It makes the show just very special and unique.

Rating: 10/10 (yes, it was perfect.)

Last Man On Earth goes on a winter hiatus, and will be back after this break for 8 more episodes. It’s unknown when the next episode will air.