The Vampire Diaries S07E09: Cold as Ice (Mid-Season Finale)

Review: This season was more or less filled with action but no clear direction. It was more like all they want to do is kill Julian and then they fail. 

The whole hiding Elena is like the whole Rebecca situation in The Originals. 

The interesting part of the whole season is Lily who they kill off, her two families trying to kill each other. 

I for one am a fan of Nora now and ML but more Nora who seems to be the best of them. But then you don’t mess with someone’s girlfriend even though they broke up especially a heretic. You end up paying for it. 

But the boring part about this season is the whole 3 timelines the past the present and the future makes it kind of boring and spoiler type thing. 

Speaking about the finale, I was hoping to see Nora join the group rather than stick with Julian but the kidnapping of ML changed all that. The interesting thing is how for the first time we see both Damon & Stefan being hit by a sword ofcourse not killed but rather put into prison. 

With Caroline with twins which was a very impossible showing that everything happens in TVD and now people can easily die and come back. 

The show needs to be more strict with it’s killing process and try to not just revive everyone.