Creed Movie Review

Creed Review: When your father is the world’s most famous boxer, it takes a lot to live up to his name. Some call this the next chapter to the Rocky story, others call this the start of a new story. One thing is for sure, Creed is surely a movie that is worth a watch.

Adonis Johnson Creed(Played by Michael B Jordan), affectionately known as Donnie, is the son of former heavyweight champion Apollo Creed from an extramarital affair. For the people who have watched the previous Rocky film, we know Apollo Creed as the former rival turned best friend of Rocky Balboa(played by Sylvester Stallone). Apollo Creed died in the ring during a fight against Ivan Drago in Rocky IV and as a result, Donnie never got to see his father.

The film opens with Donnie serving time in Los Angeles Youth Facility. Apollo’s wife Mary Anne(Played by Phylicia Rashad) pays Donnie a visit one day and takes him in.

Seventeen Years later, Donnie was in Mexico participating in a boxing match. He has a day job at a securities firm. He gets promoted but decides to quit his job to pursue his dreams of becoming a professional boxer. Mary Anne who remembers how her husband died on a boxing ring, strongly opposes. He attempts to get a spot at a local Los Angeles but fails. He decides to leave for Philadelphia to search for Rocky, in hopes of getting trained by him. While initially hesitant, Rocky eventually relents. Rocky puts Donnie through the “classic Rocky” training.(like chasing a chicken. Although the chicken did get slower over the years according to Rocky.)

As the movie progresses, Donnie meets Bianca (played by Tessa Thompson), a singer-song writer who is slowly losing her hearing. They eventually develop a romantic relationship. Donnie initially refused to use the “Creed” name and wants to build his own. However after beating a local fighter, word of Donnie being Apollo Creed’s illegitimate son spreads. Just then, Rocky and Donnie gets a call from the management team of World Heavyweight Champion Ricky Conlan(played by real boxer Tony Bellew) to arrange a fight. The catch is, Donnie has to use the “Creed” name in this fight. They accept eventually and it is game on!

As they train for the fight, they discover that Rocky has cancer. Initially Rocky refuses to undergo chemotherapy as he feels he has nothing else to live for(everyone he loved has already left him). Rocky eventually relents and decides that him and Donnie will both fight their battles.

The movie is be far my favorite of 2015. I admit to some biased opinions being a Rocky fan growing up but do hear me out. Real Boxers(Tony Bellew, Andre Ward and Gabriel Rosado) were brought in for this film and that is a real plus. Who better to get to film a boxing film than actual professional boxers? The fight scenes are very well made. If you did not know it was a movie, you would think it was a real fight.

Michael B Jordan does a great job portraying his role. Oh and did you know that he genuinely did get hit in the filming of that movie? And while this is completely irrelevant to the movie, it is cool that Michael B Jordan is seen wearing Michael Jordan(basketball) Shoes and shirts throughout the film.(sorry had to bring that up)

Sylvester Stallone. Was there any doubt of this performance as the boxing legend? The Italian Stallion once again, was brilliant.

Bianca’s character seems pretty underdeveloped and feels like a lazy attempt at a love story for the film. There really is nothing interesting about her character. But Tessa Thompson is really beautiful and does a good job in her role nonetheless.

The movie is a great continuation to an already brilliant movie franchise. But at the same time is also a promising start to what could be a brand new franchise. Donnie’s story has just began and can certainly continue. Creed 2 anyone? I certainly hope so.

This movie was already a win by split decision when the trailers first came out. But after seeing the film, I can confidently say that this is a complete knockout win.

I give this movie a 9/10.

Do let me know what you think about the film.