Once Upon A Time S05E08: The Birth


Once Upon A Time S0508: The Birth

[Episode Review]


My first thought when I started watching the episode was ‘yes!’ because it started out with Hook, Robin & Charming and I thought ‘finally!’ because I love their bromance scenes and I’ve been missing their interaction. My joy didn’t last for more than a flash though because it was over before I could really get excited about it and then it was all about Hook and Emma which was disappointing because I really feel like Captain Hook and Robin Hood have become such props in the story line this season. Their sole purpose on the show seems to be to prop up Emma and Regina and that’s it, which is incredibly sad because when they were introduced, they had amazing story lines that were well written and well developed but that seems to take a back seat to yet another Emma drama.

My next thought was: How many times is Captain Hook going to get his ass kicked? He is Captain Hook, yet practically every scene that doesn’t have him pining over Emma has someone kicking his ass – where is the ruthless pirate we’ve been continually told he is? Because that certainly hasn’t been shown on screen so far.

I am not a fan of Emma being the dark one. This show started out so well crafted with incredible story lines that made the fact the story was about fairytale characters irrelevant because it wasn’t a silly show, but this is silly. It started getting silly when they introduced Zelena in my opinion, and only more so when Cruella popped up, though I did love Cruella’s story eventually because she ended up being possibly the darkest character that the show has ever had. Emma as the dark one feels very forced, because what is with the white hair? What is with the silly voice she puts on when she’s ‘being the dark one’?

Emma is supposed to be the saviour, so why does every season feel like it’s yet another ‘save Emma’ story?

Now, I usually love David, but David trying to control Hook when he was trying to get some answers was really irritating. It’s as if they’ve written him to be so noble, so charming and all knowing, but really he’s just coming off as arrogant and annoying when he isn’t actually doing anything to try to help, at least Hook was trying, which is something David can’t say he’s been doing much of. I really don’t know what they’re doing with the side characters this season.

I love Rumplestiltskin, I have since the beginning, he was such an interesting and dark character, so I really wish they’d done him justice and killed him off when Emma became the dark one. It would have given his character arc a nice closure without drawing out his character too far and past the point of entertainment or usefulness. There’s nothing worse when watching a TV show where your favourite characters go from being your favourites to being really dull and pointless, which he seems to be this season. In all honesty, I would have let him die when he sacrificed himself to kill Peter Pan because that would have been an incredible way for him to go out – as a hero.

I know I’m being negative, but really, the worst thing the writers have ever done is this Zelena baby plot. Robin and Regina’s story was so beautifully written and I fell in love with them together – then he impregnates her sister?? Seriously?? This isn’t Jerry Springer or the CW! They need to get rid of the baby plot as soon as possible or at least Zelena.

I LOVED Emma’s idea to put all of the darkness into Zelena then kill her. This is the best plot they’ve come up with all season and I want it to happen because a) we’ll be rid of Zelena and b) we’ll get Emma back to normal and stop her being the dark one. I’d much rather watch Emma wallowing with guilt over killing Zelena than watch the others try to ‘save’ Zelena after all of the horrible things she’s done, worst of all killing Neal and impersonating Marian to hurt Regina.

I’m actually shocked that the writers have just completely ignored the fact that this is a stark non-consent issue and have not addressed this with Robin at all – but then again, Robin seems to have no purpose in the plot anymore, so why am I so surprised? [Angry grumbling.]

But I digress. In the scene where Team Family were tied to trees and it was Emma versus Merlin, the only thing I could think of the entire time was: Arthur is a non-magical human… why the hell didn’t Emma just take the sword away from him? Instead of attacking Merlin who was fighting against his will because of Arthur’s control, Emma could easily have zapped the sword from Arthur’s hands and the whole fight would have been a non-issue. It just seemed like an unrealistic battle scene that lacked any sense of common sense and logical planning. Though, Regina’s little smirk of pride over Emma’s magic to detain Zelena was great. I love how supportive Regina is of Emma in her own way.

My favourite scene in the entire episode was when Regina used the dagger on Emma. Regina is a goddess, I swear she is. She is the only one willing to actually do what’s necessary to try to help Emma while the others are walking on egg shells around her and trying to coddle her. No, the Evil Queen took control of the situation and demanded answers and I love her for it because look what happened? It worked! Emma was able to light the ember because Regina gave her the push she needed!

I also usually love Snow but her giving Regina a hard time for grabbing the bull by the horns was highly irritating because Snow isn’t actually helping Emma at all. Her cute way of showing love and the world being all rainbows and unicorns is great and all, but Emma needs tough love and Regina does love her and respect her enough to give her that. Kudos Regina, I hope they never douse your fire because Team Family would be useless without you.

I have to admit though, I was really pissed at Emma’s little snide comment to Hook about him using the dagger on her because never ONCE has he taken her control away from her. Never once has he pushed her or forced her to do anything and it was completely uncalled for. Sorry, honey, but you don’t get to be judgemental like that after all that he’s done for you after what you did to Henry. That’s not on and I’m officially calling you on it because that comment was unfounded and nothing he’s done has ever given you a reason to believe he would try to control you when he’s the one constantly fighting relentlessly for you when you don’t even fight for yourself.

And finally, killing Hook at the end actually made my eyes roll. I love him, he’s my favourite character along with Regina, so his death should have made me cry instead of sighing in exasperation because it felt so regurgitated. The ‘true love dying in front of me thing’ is so over done in this show that honestly, I’d be more surprised as a viewer if they actually tried to make things work between Hook and Emma. If they showed them struggle with a real relationship with all of their individual insecurities, if they did the same with Robin and Regina too, instead of constantly putting forced drama between all of the couples to show that their ‘love is stronger than the obstacles’, I think that would be much more interesting and compelling to watch.

However, with Hook, Emma took his choice away, she didn’t respect him like he respects her but most of all, Emma of all people knows how much the Dark One has destroyed Hook over his long life, yet she forced that upon him? That might be the cruellest thing she could have done to him and I hope it takes him a long time to forgive her for it. I hope he makes her earn his trust just like she made him earn hers.

Favourite Scene: Regina and Emma with the dagger, their scenes together are always fantastic and I look forward to them in every episode.

Episode MVP: Has to be Regina. Her scene at the end where she was willing to go dark to help get Emma back was such an amazing scene because it shows how far they’ve come if Regina would willingly risk her own darkness to save Emma from hers.

Surprises: Dr Whale was a big surprise and I loved the hair comment. It still really amuses me that he delivered Snow’s baby after they had a tumble in the hay in season one. That had to be awkward.

Episode Rating: I’m going to say 6/10.

Overall Impression: There were some really great scenes, but a lot of the side characters felt like props, the episode felt plot-thin and forced at times. I am really interested to see how Hook will handle being the Dark One, but I have to say honestly: that is not a position that he should ever have been in and I don’t like it.