The Expanse S01E02: The Big Empty 

Review: This episode was a great addition to the first episode to complete the “pilot.”

Now some may disagree that it isn’t a pilot but a second episode let me tell you why I say it’s pilot.

  1. The first episode had introduced many characters with not so much information on them. The second episode brought more light into the whole spaceship crash and how it was a trap. 
  2. The second episode also shed light into potential problems that we will be seeing in the third namely the water problem they had which could maybe result into something and also the guys in the ship captured. 
  3. More information was given about the dude who had the scrolls.

Basically everything is now going into place, ready for the next episode.

But the series still has a lot of work to do to improve like bring in more connection. Spend some more time for the cop and the guy captured and explain the story of it. And make it less confusing. 

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