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BIO: TV Series Hub is a platform where we review and rate TV Series. We also do interviews with cast members, directors, producers etc. We started out to capture the whole audience that watches series. Instead of everyone just tweeting or posting to themselves we wanted to gather around everyone to talk about the same episode in the same place and that is how it all began. Little by little we managed to launch the blog where you now see the reviews done by various authors.

Our whole idea of starting this was to create a two-way communication between every person that watches any series. Instead of just looking at articles like you usually do, we hope to be friends with you and try to enjoy a good chat with some laughs as we watch.

How to become a Reviewer: It is very simple indeed. All you need to do is email us at with a paragraph of any episode you watched preferably the famous series. The episode should be the latest of the series and not in the middle. Along with that you should include the TV Series you hope to review in our blog. You must also include the number of series you wish to review.

We do not force anyone to review, we only have a simple rule where you should post the review within 24 hours of its release. All authors must have a twitter account so that we can be constantly in touch.

How to do Ratings : As mentioned above you will have to email us at But this time you will have to tell us that you are interested in doing the ratings of shows. The role is very simple but can be a little time-consuming as you will have to collect the views and demographics of shows. That is very easily available on other websites which we will indicate to you after you email us.

All ratings must be published within 24 hours.

How to do Show Statuses: We are looking to add the shows statuses as in whether it is renewed, cancelled or still not yet decided. If you would like to be doing that then you too have to email us at Just indicate that you would like to be posting the statuses of the shows.

This will be updated whenever there is an update, therefore you will simply copy paste and edit.

How to do Release Dates: This is a very simple job, all you need to do is add as many shows as you can to any schedule app and post it daily so that everyone knows which series is being released and at what time. We use TV Show Time at the moment. You should also include links of the review of the previous episode from our blog. You can email us at

This should be done everyday and posted atleast 4-5 hours prior to the release time.

How to manage Social Networks: We are looking to expand in other social networks but need managers. The job is simple keep posting the pictures of episodes and a review link from the blog. Basically just sharing from the blog to the social network and of course talking to other users. We are looking for those that want to manage Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, Reddit, Facebook etc.

You can contact us by emailing us at

How to be an Advertisement & Promotions Person: We are looking to promote our blog and social media accounts. It is a very simple you can either reblog our reviews, recommend our blog to your friends, constantly tweet or post the reviews and always retweet/share our reviews on Twitter & Facebook.

You can contact us by emailing us at

How to contribute without joining: This is very simple, it will be great if you recommend our blog to others. Comment on the blog and always tag us on your tweets. Sharing and Retweeting our posts will help us too by reaching to a wider audience.

*This is all voluntary work. You can choose to do one or more things at the same time. You will all go through a month of trial period.

Social Media: We are very active on twitter, but our facebook page always shares reviews from the blog. You can follow us at our Twitter and our Facebook.