American Horror Story Hotel S05E10: ‘She Gets Revenge’

Review: The tenth episode of the famous horror show starts off on a rather sombre note after a elderly couple comes to the hotel and commit suicide together. This is described as ‘beautiful’ by Liz who still reels after losing her lover Tristan to the Countess hungry nails. This event sets up a great episode about losing love and getting revenge for loved ones lost. The love triangles and the dynamics between couples are focused on the most in this episode.

Liz gets to reunite with her long-lost son who in turn accepts her choices and even goes as far to invite her to stay in his life. Donovan and the Countess secretly kill off their competition and in the end, only the two stand both broken hearted. John and his wife also reunite, leaving an already sad Sally heart-broken as she watches her love walk away with his family. Does this mean John is done with the killing?

The highlight of the entire episode was the ending. After a rather hilarious dance by Donovan to Drake’s Hotline Bling hit, the Countess and her lover discuss their relationship and whether she would kill Donovan. This is interrupted by a stylish Liz and Iris gun rampage. The pair decide to go out with a bang (literally )and march in on the two people that hurt them the most, guns blazing. The fate of the Countess and Donovan will only be revealed next year when the show returns from their break.

I loved the ending even though it will be agonizing to wait to see what happens next. American Horror Story is known for their dramatic scenes and out-there storylines. This episode was probably one of their best and once again proves why Hotel is one of the franchise most watched seasons so far.