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Dina Renon

Dina Renon was born in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. Her parents immigrated to Canada from Italy, her father from Belluno in northern Italy and her mother from Campobasso in central Italy. The youngest of four children, Dina attended International Top Models modeling agency when she was only twelve years old.

When she was sixteen she was scouted by a talent agent from Osaka Japan with Era Fashion. She spent two months in Osaka during her summer break from high school. The following years she returned to Osaka with two different agencies, the Cosmopolitan Agency and then Tokyo Yoshie Inc. She also instructed at International Top Models when she returned from Tokyo to Canada. After graduating from high school Dina decided to return to Japan to work full-time where she became very popular and very busy! She changed agencies once again, but remained with Gallery Inc. in Tokyo for twenty years. She worked in high level jobs in Tokyo, doing every type of commercial job possible including catalogues, commercials, fashion magazines and ads for companies like L’Oréal, Kao, Nissan, Toyota, and Shiseido. Dina appeared in movies and hosted her own television show teaching English called Academy a Word. In the course of working with Gallery Inc. Dina has worked on locations in New York, Singapore, Hong Kong, Guam, Saipan and Malaysia.
Dina returned to Canada in 2010 and joined Models International Management. In 2013 she joined a Montreal agency, SPECS Model Management returning to her modelling and acting career. With SPECS she did commercial video work with corporate companies such as Sports Experts, Giant Tiger, and Laura Canada and appeared in fashion magazines and fashion shows. In November of 2014 Dina became involved with Bellini International Talent Agency in Montreal with agent Maria Morella. Since then she has advanced her career as an actor and model securing contracts with Vichy Cosmetics including the packaging nationally in Canada and Colgate which has aired in the US and Canada. She is a full ACTRA member and has recently started to be represented in the US with ENCOMPASS ARTS’ agent Kathy Olsen.
Short Films:

  • The Map Band Agent Rob Letourneau, Ottawa
  • Apollo Music Store Female Agent Franc Blaess, Montreal


  • Cuative TV Interviewer Ottawa


  • Rogers SOC Toronto
  • Vichy Principal Montreal
  • Mitch Lenet Photography Assassin Ottawa
  • Calypso Water Park Swimsuit model Christopher Redmond


  • Colgate Hero Arev Manoukian
  • Sports Heritage Starter gun woman Canada Heritage

Hello Dina, you are the first person to have a live chat interview with us. You have started modelling since a young age what made you go into modelling?

Well I was 12 I was interested in modelling , I was tall for my age and was inspired by my best friend’s older sister who was a very beautiful model.

Any encouragements you receive maybe from friends or family?

Actually no one wanted me to model because they were scared it might of lead to a bad experience but I come from a real old-fashioned family, it was all my doing.

What made you go out there and give everything? Was it wanting to prove them wrong?

Actually it was my desire to become like one of the girls in the fashion magazines I use to look at . I was mesmerised by their ability to project such an amazing impact in a picture and I liked the artistic value in some of the photos I looked at.

Were you able to achieve your desire?

I realized that it was a lot more complicated than just the end result , you see modelling and acting is team work . Modelling is not easy and it took a very long time to achieve my goals as a professional but gradually I was able to succeed . It takes a lot of effort and determination and dedication when working in this industry at a high level.

The biggest problem everyone at a young age faces is the how step. For example how do you start? Or where do you start? What is the first step. What did you do?

I started by contacting the model agency . They had a model course they offered at a discount by chance and that was my opportunity to learn about how to become a model as a professional and be represented by a proper agent.

That is awesome, did you face any challenges like competition or pressure? How did you deal with that?

This is the biggest challenge as a professional model/ actress . The competition is fierce, a lot of pressure and hard work but if you really want it you can do it . I proved it by sticking to my passion and getting over the hardships . It’s honestly something that happened little by little but once your well established it could be rewarding!

The image that runs in everyone’s mind about a model/actor is that life is all easy and fun. But in reality it is all hard work. What kind of sacrifices did you have to make? All nighters or motels?

When modelling is legitimate your expected to be at a high level of professionalism . Body shape means almost like living as an athlete . Your diet and exercise must be restricted . I didn’t get to enjoy eating , I was away from family always traveling , I was under tremendous pressure at castings to get the job . If you don’t get the casting basically you don’t work . High stress from this fact . You feel judged all the time because of it. You can never miss work so if you get sick , you arrive sick and work . It’s a very high demanding job.

And all that hard work pays off eventually. Do you have any conditions that you set prior to accepting any role?

I feel that if your passionate about what you do and work hard you can achieve your goals . The key is to focus and do it! My restrictions are that I do not participate in pornographic roles and I do not help promote anything that is harmful to people.

Does that affect any of your chances?

Yes but it doesn’t matter.

Rules and ethics are very important., so far who have you met that has instantly become your friend?

I have so many friends ! To be a good model/ actress it’s best to be friendly to all people and creat a good image of yourself even as a member of society.

That is true, what are your future plans?

I am continuing my journey and integrating more into acting ! I will be seeing everyone on the Big Screen soon!

I just completed a Colgate commercial that went global , I am very grateful and proud of my work.

I saw that one too! It was great. What is your dream role?

I would love to play a role of an inspiring woman in a feature film ! I like period pieces and fun family movies.

Well which one is your favourite movie?

That is a very hard question but I have an answer ! I loved the movie Gone with the Wind but there are so many great movies out there . I can only say that a good movie starts with a good script / story.

The plot is the most important thing. Do you see yourself as a writer someday? Or a director?

I really love storing telling . Someday with all my experiences I would like to write a book about the industry to help young new talent come forward with my story.

What advise would you give to those who would like to pursue this career.

Everyone’s journey is different so focus on yourself and do the best you can ! Love what you do and be happy!

Suppose someone is not living in Canada or US. How do you think they may achieve it? For those living in areas where these talents are not valued much or aren’t recognised?

Well I think that if it is impossible for someone to pursue you can try to enjoy it in the privacy of your home . You can have fun with it dress up and have family or friends photograph you . Use your imagination and if your determined enough you never know what the future holds for you.

Do you think posting those on Vine or Instagram can also boost one’s chances?

I feel social media is a great tool but you need permission from your agents and be wise when posting.

How do you utilise your social medias?

Well I try to reach out with my work visually and show my style with my photos

You have blessed us with a lot of insights, which I am sure will help others who are reading this. We wish you good luck and hope you pop by again for another interview soon. Any words of wisdom would you like to share?

I am truly grateful to get this opportunity to share my story with you and just want to leave you with one suggestion… Follow your dreams! Thank you, it would be a pleasure to do another interview very soon!

Dina was the cover in Reader Digest’s February Edition (Canada) and recently starred in Colgate’s advertisement.

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You Can easily contact her on her twitter: @dinarenon