Finding Carter S02E24: Atonement (Season Finale)

Finding Carter S02E24: Atonement (Season Finale)

Airdate: December 15, 2015

If you haven’t watched Finding Carter’s 2 hour season finale yet, you are missing out. As we await an announcement on the decision to renew Finding Carter for a third season, we were left with burning questions and anxious cliffhangers.

We learned that Crash had made up his “girlfriend” because he was still in love with Carter. Is there a future for Crash and Carter? We also briefly see a scene where Max sees his recently relased from prison father with his mom. What’s going on here? Has Max’s dad changed? Is he up to his old ways? Will they be safe? David and Elizabeth are given custody of David and Lori’s son, Ben, in the wake of Lori’s recent arrest. In an emotional scene, Elizabeth tells Lori that she is Ben’s mother and always will be. Ben meets up with the drug dealer, tries to stand up to him, and is seemingly left for dead after a physical altercation with him. Will Ben survive? Will he continue to spiral downward or begin to thrive?

Perhaps, the largest cliff hanger of season 2 asks the question, what will happen to Max? In the final episode, Max faces an uncertain future after turning himself in for the murder of Carter’s boyfriend and boss at the bar, Jared. In an instinctual attempt to protect Carter after he saw Jared hurting her, Max hit Jared over the head, inevitably killing him. Lori arrived to the scene, where she advises Max to leave, and thus the cover up story began. Ready and willing, Lori took the fall for Jared’s death and was arrested.

Although Lori insisted upon taking the fall for Max, the truth was learned by Carter who felt strongly that Lori should not take the blame for Max, and he should be honest and turn himself in. Taylor adamantly disagrees with Carter, and instead agreed with Lori, that Max should never tell anyone what happened and face the potential consequences that could come with telling the truth after turning himself in. Max even has a brief conversation with Crash where he tells him he now understands why Crash ran after he accidentally shot Max at the end of last season.

Throughout the second part of the episode we see a divide between Carter and Taylor start to forge over the Lori/Max dilemma. Taylor visits Lori in jail and the two make a pact to try and convince Carter and Max that Lori taking the fall is the right thing to do. Lori says as a mother she will make sacrifices for her children. She tells Taylor that in some ways Max is her child, but that she was doing this for her other child, Taylor. (Can I just say that, in a shocking turn or events, I am really beginning to like Lori?) As they begin to wrap up their conversation, the guard releases Lori. Confused, Taylor and Lori make their way through the police station, where they see Carter and Crash… And Max being taken into police custody. In this emotional closing scene, we are left with lot’s of questions and certainly with all the feels. What will Max’s fate be? And how will this affect Carter and Taylor’s relationship? By the looks of it, it’s safe to say there may be some new challenges between the sisters, especially when it comes to all things Max.

I am hopeful for the return of Finding Carter for a third season, and anxiously awaiting answers to so many burning questions and to see where our favorite characters end up.