The Expanse S01E03: Remember the Cant  

Review: This episode has started to make things clearer, it also has shown who the main characters are(the team on the spaceship) and they are making a clearer picture of the cop who is after the mystery girl. 

The beauty of the series is how they are aware of the science and integrate it into the series. Plus the whole electronic gadgets are too cool! 

So far we have seen the crew trying to find a way to leave the Martians, discovering each other’s past. Plus the whole riot that happened and the Sergio Aguero look-alike got hit most likely killed. 

We also learnt that the Cantberry wasn’t hit by Martians but someone that wants to create war and the woman who wears Indian clothes isn’t one to mess with! 

The Martians are hoping to create Earth for themselves while the ones of Earth and destroying their Earth. (Sounds like real life)

There is something called the OP as well, and apparently Naomi is or was part of it. It is safe to say that the story is falling into place.