The Expanse S01E04: CQB  

Review: This episode was an eye opener, there are not only three groups but four now. 

  • Earth
  • Martians
  • OP
  • Unknown

Now it could be the Unknown are Op. We also got to know they have this self healing could be nanotech reconstructing the hand that got shot of there. 

Moreover one character died and well the Unknown are really powerful with very good technology far ahead of others. 

Team work was seen as the Earth and now Martians are now working to save the name of Martians. And the Martians are really organised with a lot of unity they sacrificed their ship exploding it on purpose with them inside to avoid the enemy taking their ship. 

That ended there but the cop story continued with the guy who talked to much turning to be a data broker like man everything there is just too mind blowing. Oh and Sergio Aguero look alike isn’t dead! 

Story is falling in place!