The Big Bang Theory (S09E11) “The Opening Night Excitation”

Review: This episode has been talked about ever since the show’s producers spoiled what would happen between Sheldon and Amy. After their heartbreaking break up in the season finale last May, I was very happy to see them get back together in the last episode and I was very much looking forward to this episode too! And it was really great!

This episode tributes the new Star Wars movie, and starts with Leonard, Sheldon, Raj and Howard trying to get tickets for the movie on opening night. Later, with opening night only three days away, Penny makes Sheldon realize that the night the movie comes out is also Amy’s birthday. After some good advice from Professor Proton (Bob Newhart) in a dream, Sheldon decides to stay home, so he can spend time with Amy. When Sheldon reveals the perfect gift for Amy to Penny and Bernadette, they are shocked: “Amy’s birthday present will be my genitals”. Before Amy’s birthday Penny and Bernadette take her out to celebrate and tell her about Sheldon’s big plans for her birthday. This leads to the perfect and very cute reaction of Amy: “YOU SHUT YOUR DAMN MOUTH!”

The rest of the episode leads up to the big moment between Sheldon and Amy. And when the moment for them to get physical is finally there, it is played out very nicely, with humor and cuteness, but also the necessary awkwardness because of course, we’re still talking about Shamy. I loved how in the last scenes, they showed the parallels between Sheldon and Amy’s emotions and the emotions of Leonard, Howard and Raj at the movies.

This episode was really great, it was very sweet, but funny as well! I enjoyed both storylines and I thought it was great to see the parallels between them. The way the writers handled the storyline between Sheldon and Amy was very good. Kudos to Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik for their great acting! It was also great to see Bob Newhart back, he was very funny!

Rating: 9.5/10

The Big Bang Theory is going on a winter hiatus and will be back on January 7th 2016! Happy Holidays! 🙂