Catching up with ‘How To Get Away With Murder.’ 

Review: The season started with this random case or so we thought. Turns out it was going to be the essential part of the plot. 

The biggest achievement of the show is that it managed to twist around the whole story giving clues by clues making you believe something and the next episode making something else happen and that’s just not the end of it but connecting the whole twisty messed up story with the present. 

Now for writers they may have wrote it in a timeline but it still is challenging in the sense that they managed to mess with your brain in every episode. 

The great part about this season is the case is the one causing the whole problem and everyone is working around the case and not cases working around their problems. 

With the gang already psychologically affected from their previous killing this time they weren’t thrilled to be doing another one but Analise seriously can find ways to make you do things.

There are 3 angles to look at. 

  1. Asher story
  2. Murder story
  3. Wes Story

Starting with:

Asher: we saw how they managed to bring his father back into the whole situation with Asher willing to testify, then decides not to. The whole Bonnie situation.

This was genius work in the sense they managed to get all of this to the point where he kills Sinclair, at first we all thought she was murdered but not run over by the car by Asher. This was part 1 of the bodies.

Murder: the case is already coming to an end, with them leaving the mystery of why the cops didn’t arrest  when there was a 90+ percent match of the blood. Another addition is the whole Catherine being on the run and gun being found as well as her knowing the new mystery cousin of theirs. 
This will give them a whole season to keep on adding mysteries. 

Wes: this was the biggest mystery to the finale. Analise knows Wes since childhood and his name. Plus he shot her in the wrong place which will be a whole lot story.

Overall: with this being a series about Analise and it’s not a supernatural series so she is most likely not going to die.

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