Limitless S01E11: This is your Brian on Drugs

Review: This episode of Limitless was all about the inner investigation in the FBI which is viewed by Brian’s perspectives after Agent Casey Rooks and his SWAT team skims 80 NZT pills after recovering from the robbers who had stolen them from the inventory.

As Brian’s bodyguards goes to the inventory to get his NZT pill, they found the inventory being robbed and in the process to catch the robbers, Ike, as named by Brian, gets shot. To catch the robbers and recover the NZT pills, Brian makes the plan with FBI and catches the robbers but 80 NZT pills were taken by Casey’s SWAT team. Casey was against stealing NZTs by his team at first but then gets on board after Rebecca breaks up with him. All the SWAT team members decides to take the pills and do what they all wanted to do but couldn’t. But things get messed up when one of the team members is killed by the other member.

This episode shows the greed of the SWAT team to take NZT so that they could do and think what Brian can as everyone appreciates and protect him. It is that feeling of being special and be someone who can do anything he wants without any fear. It is another amazing episode pulled by the “Limitless” team.