Colony S01E01: Behind the Wall (Pilot)

If you have seen Elysium the movie, then this movie will have a very familiar view or setting. 

The place is divided into the high and low classes but then they all live on Earth & not somewhere on space.

With 2 sides there is always problems to be expected and that is exactly that happens in the series with the resistance trying to end the higher side under the Proxy dude. 

With the main chacarter being Will Bowman going under Sullivan ex-government man. He gets his son separated and into the other high class area in Santa Monica. 

He goes after him gets caught by the Proxy of LA (mayor) and gets a deal to hunt down the resistance. 

Now that is just the icing as the resistance includes his wife and he has no idea about. 

Boom that’s the pilot. 

It is truly worth a shot and it has potential.