Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials 

The saying there is no better movie from the first is true in this case. 

Now I am not saying the sequel is bad but it had the typical Hollywood plot.

The main character in the whole plot is always under attack and never has a happy time being betrayed by his potential girl and every time a new problem comes up. 

For an entertaining movie that many problems which are predictable aren’t fun, like there was no moment they passed through 5 minutes without anyone hurting, dying, being attacked or something bad.

Plus the whole going after his friends was exaggerated in the sense that he always goes suicidal when his friends get caught.

Let’s take it to the good things, they didn’t add a love triangle, and then the main characters also face the threat of being caught and go through hard times.

The betrayal was kind of set when we saw the focus on the radio but not when which was also kind a nice move. 

Basically this was a movie to set an epic one for the next one. So I predict it will be a blast.

I give it a max of a 7. 

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