‘Blood Bonds’ – Supergirl S01E09 was hectic & emotional

Have you ever seen this series where people get to a point of desperation where they decide to use mind tricks and emotions to find a solution? 

Yup that is exactly what happened in the episode, with her Aunt all caught up in jail she gave up a location of ambush but when she gets all riled up and ready to go berserk her friends stop her and then she goes for those emotional moments which were many in this episode. It was like a soap opera or like Joseph meeting his father after ages over and over again. 

It got me bored at some point, like we get that you have your issues but the whole thing of I have faith in you, I believe you etc. only works to a point and too much use of it makes it lame which is exactly how it goes in this episode. 

On the other hand, what actually was nice is to see how they are making progress and trying to create a new type of complicated plot. 

Her aunt calls of her mercenary, this is a sign of her humanity and love for her niece coming back for a moment which now brings us to the next thing, was she really having a change of heart or will she go back to her evil ways. 

Now the whole aunt and niece story is kind of the sideline as our new prospective villain Maxwell Lord who is most likely going to create this super power girl of his own.

All I can say is that this was not a very great start to their return but it surely sets up a great possibility of awesomeness in the next episodes.

What do you think of the episode?

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