Hotel Transylvania 2 – keeps the laughs coming!

I was wondering how his movie would go, after seeing a failure with Despicable Me 2 it wouldn’t be surprising if this one did too.

But honestly, I enjoyed it more than the first. The whole movie was hilarious especially the Dracula parts where he goes all crazy and does his things to get the fangs out.


Throughout the whole movie Denis or Denisovich (vampire name) was going on adventures and not just him but his mom too who managed to do this awesome stunts. 

Even though many may say it lacked a solid plot which is true but in my opinion the comedy made up for it and although the ending is always someone angry becoming soft or hater becoming friendly it was actually nice they kept it for the ending ending and not just at the middle where Denis gets his fangs.

Excited for a third one? Hell yea!

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