‘Back to the Butcher’ – The Expanse S01E05 was confusing a bit but more characters infused in.

What is the problem when someone gives you a math problem of various numbers with addition and subtraction and wants an answer in 10 seconds without you using a calculator?

It becomes a messed up puzzle. You will have to ask them to repeat or go slow or allow you to use a calculator right?

Well in this series the same problem is happening, to many new names, characters and places making it kind of messed up in a whole.

But so far the ship with destroyed all of them could be the one who took the japenese girl, these survivors are going to the butchers that will be interesting though. 

The cop is now getting closer and the head of OPI wants to make a deal with him.

Now I can’t say that the series is filled with excitement, it has been slow and still filling in the story as we are still at the start of the beginning.

What do you think about this episode?