New Girl S05E01: Big Mama P

Review: Previously on New Girl… Schmidt and Cece got engaged! A bit sudden to go from 0 to 100 but oh well, let’s just go with it, shall we?

Except, as the episode begins, the first thing we see is Schmidt proposing… to Nick. “Nicholas Miller, will you do me the honor of being my best man?”  He has a ring and everything! After his commitment issues flare up/a moment of Nick-being-Nick, it turns out to be a Nick/Winston bet and Nick accepts! 
Meanwhile, in another part of the loft/appartement/whatchamacallit, Jess is eagerly waiting for Cece to ask her to be her maid of honor. Cece knows this because Cece knows Jess. She’s so aware of this that she takes an extra long time finishing that cup of coffee that Jess of course has made for her to butter her up. When Cece FINALLY asks her, Jess’s excitement is apparent.

Next, Schmidt is giving everyone rings (“These are the first of a dozen accessories that are gonna unify the bridal party!”) and revealing his wedding vision board inspired by Liz Taylor, Jackie O and The Power Gays. Oh, boy. Jess tells us what we’ve missed. Winston is a hero, known as the Carport Hero-cop, because he saved a kid’s life! Yaay, Winston!

Jess singing that it’s “The year of ussssss”  leads us to the opening theme! I’m excited this show is back, I missed it a lot. 


This week’s A-plot: Cece and Schmidt’s engagement party! Schmidt flew in Cece’s mom for the party, as he’s excited to meet “the woman Cece came out of”, but there’s just one little thing… Cece hasn’t told her mom that she’s marrying Schmidt. She’s terrified of not getting her mom’s blessing.

The B-plot: Schmidt has instructed Nick to pick up Cece’s mom from the airport, his first easy job as best man. Nick, of course, screws it up, and picks up the wrong Indian lady. The poor woman spends the majority of the episode thinking Nick is her abductor and Nick has to tell her to “stop being so mean, or he’ll fall in love with her”. 

The C-plot: Winston, our Carport Hero, is one of Schmidt’s five groomsmen. The others? Cece’s ex-boyfriend Robbie, Schmidt’s cousin (Big Schmidt), and a 62-year-old called J. Kronkite Valley-Forge (played by Fred Melamed who just has one of those recognizable faces). Coach is technically groomsmen #3, but he doesn’t make an appearance. All the groomsmen know who Winston is, but Winnie the Bish has trouble getting used to his newfound fame!

To convince Cece’s mom to give her blessing, Jess has booked a Bollywood dance group called Mahatmoves Gandhi (lol), hoping the power of dance will do the trick. At the rehearsal before the party, Jess (while singing) falls down the stairs because a) it’s Jess and b) they needed to find a way to cover up Zooey Deschanel’s pregnancy. She breaks her arm and both legs and spends the rest of the episode in a body cast. Poor Jess.

Cece’s mom makes it to the party on her own, just in time for Schmidt (and his shampoo’ed hair) to welcome her and find out that Cece hasn’t told her anything. Cece’s mom disapproves, strongly. There’s a moment of confusion when Nick shows up with the fake Mrs. Parekh, which leads Jess (on bedrest, but on the phone with Nick) to borrow their neighbor’s scoot mobile and rush to the party! So resourceful!

When Jess makes it to the party, she runs into Winston, who announces that tonight, he’s back to being “Prank Sinatra”! Jess rightfully tells Winston that he’s the WORST prankster in the world. But it’s too late, Winston has already come up with a prank to return him to his former “glory” and get people to see him for who he is and not his public persona as the Carport Hero.

Nick apologizes to Schmidt for screwing up his one job (YOU HAD ONE JOB, NICK) and decides that he doesn’t want the easy jobs as best man, but the actual best man jobs. Nick, Schmidt and Jess come up with a plan to convince Cece’s mom…

Which doesn’t work. Despite Schmidt and Nick’s excited (but terrible) attempt to join the Mahatmoves Gandhi’s, Cece’s mom remains unimpressed. She leaves the party, refusing to give her blessing.

In the end, all the plots come together when Winston pranks Cece’s mom by putting a feather in her shoe! A little before that, though, Cece tries to convince her mom (“I never thought I’d fall for the slim hipped ghost of Tom Cruise.”) but it doesn’t work. So, everyone else gives Cece and Schmidt her blessing (except Nick’s new Indian love, because she’s bitter).

I have a feeling this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Cece’s mom! But this was a decent beginning of the new season of New Girl. I’m happy this show is back in my life!