Teen Wolf S05E11 – The Last Chimera

Review:  2016 just got even better with the release of a new Teen Wolf episode tonight. Of course it is a little bit harder to remember what happened before they took a break (which can be shorter next time around) but the show starts off exactly where it ended in episode 10. As every season before, Teen Wolf does not disappoint. Of course this season was the most confusing I must add but in true Teen Wolf spirit it definitely keeps you on your toes.

The episode starts off exactly where the first episode of the series began, with Lydia predicting the plight of her friends. Stiles & Scott go through a little spat in this episode in which they need to resolve while finding a way to work together to save Sheriff Stillinski. It was quite emotional in terms of Stiles remembering the past in which his dad has been there for him & it makes you wonder if this is the end for the Sherriff…. I am still confused about the Dredd doctors & their ultimate goal, whats happening with Kira & the desert wolf, but i’m assuming all these will be answered in the episodes to come.

All in all we are definitely in for a fight as Theo keeps gathering all the Chimeras to his pack & he is looking to recruit Lydia & Deputy Parrish who has his own little powerful secrets which no one knows about. This was a good start for the year & I can definitely vouch that the next few episodes of the season is going to be shocking as always.