American Horror Story Hotel: ‘Battle Royale’ S05E11

Last season we were left with one burning question, is the Countess alive? After Liz Taylor and Iris stormed in on Donovan and the Countess guns blazing, it would be silly to think both would survive. It would also be silly to think that the Countess would be the one to die first. Our beloved Donovan threw himself in front of the Countess and in his efforts, he helped her escape but this meant sacrificing his life.

The Countess wouldn’t be that easy to kill and after some help from Sad Sally, she survived. But in order to repay Sally she had to kidnap John’s family, which would bring him back to the hotel. An already shaken Liz and Iris had to concoct a new plan and sort help from scorned Ramona, who was naturally hungry after being locked up. Enter Queenie, the witch from Coven season three. I loved seeing the two feisty woman go against one another but sadly it was cut short by James Patrick March, who also wanted the Countess dead so they would spend eternity together. Queenie perished and Ramona was thus able to regain her strength.

But she couldn’t resist the Countess temptation, which was highly disappointing. But the plan came together with John who was promised his family back if he completed his ten commandment killings. He had one more kill, “Thou shall not commit murder“. In a hotel full of serial killers, that didn’t take long to complete. In a ironic twist of events, John murders the Countess and cuts off her head for his collection.

In the end, this was a strong episode and delivered in every way. I loved learning more about Sally’s past and the scene with Mrs Evers was beautiful. Now that James and his beloved are stuck together, the devoted worker had finally lost it. All the actors gave phenomenal performances as always. There are only two episodes left but the show still has many unanswered questions. I’m sure all would be cleared up soon but the fate of the most loved/hated woman seems unpredictable now. Can’t wait to see how everything ends.