Black-ish S02E11: Plus Two Isn’t a Thing

Review: Black-ish is back from hiatus and its first episode back it started with a banger of a guest star, none other than America’s Forever Top Model, Tyra Banks! Tyra joined the show this week as Dré’s best friend from childhood, now a famous pop star called Gigi. Gigi’s in town for a visit and everyone’s over the moon about it… Except Bow, that is.

Gigi influences both of the episode’s plots in her own way. For Dré and Bow, this week’s A-plot revolves around the theme of how to draw the line in a marriage. Can you really be married to your best friend?

Dré doesn’t think so. He loves Bow, but she’s definitely NOT his best friend. He has a bond with Gigi, consisting of smelling arm pits, matching mani-pedi’s at a Vietnamese beauty salon and watching sports games, that he just can’t have with Bow. When Gigi invites him to a VMA party as her plus one and Bow wants to join them, he even tells Bow, “There’s no such thing a plus two. That’d be stupid.”

But Gigi and Bow both think things need to change. Gigi because she has a new boyfriend, Napoleon, who wants to be her bestie. And Bow, because Dré should be hers. When Dré is in need of a best friend, after Gigi tells him she’s taking Napoleon to the VMA party instead of him (Because, again, a plus two would be stupid!), Bow is up for the challenge…

But not for long. Bow quickly realizes that having Dré as her best friend just isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. In fact, shopping and manicures with Dré as her bestie pretty much drives her nuts. Fortunately, when Dré and Bow go back to the beauty salon to show Gigi and Napoleon just how fun being besties is, Napoleon and Bow mutually agree how being friends with their spouses is decidedly NOT what they want. Dré and Gigi argue – in Vietnamese, because why not? – and make up after Bow and Napoleon leave them to fend for themselves. Even Dré and Gigi are unhappy with this new arrangement. There’s just no one else who can take the other’s place. It’s sweet, and the scene ends with their younger selves walking out of the salon together.

Back at home, Dré tells Bow that as much as he adores her, Gigi has to be his best friend. I don’t think Bow’s ever been so relieved. She’s not jealous of anyone else, because she loves what she has with Dre. Awww.

This week’s B-plot involves the younger Johnsons. Inspired by Gigi’s life as a pop star, the kids decide that the best way to become famous is to have a music video go viral. Zoe tries her hand at singing, but a rendition of Alicia Keys’s “Fallin’” (holy throwback!) leads to us to discover that Diane is the one who can actually sing. Then, a talk with Gigi about the trials and tribulations of success leads Diane to discover that she doesn’t need her siblings to be the star she knows she’s meant to be! Solo Diane is a true little diva, walking around with puppy purses, shades and a large, expensive pashmina scarf! There’s a moment of regret when she sees her siblings have fun, but in the end, Diane is the one appearing in an adorable music video with none other than Gigi!

Highlights this week: Dré’s co-worker Josh realizing how many women have had no intention to ever sleep with him, Wanda Sykes as Daphne, Iggy Azalea jokes and the discovery that Dré is fluent in Vietnamese due to his many Vietnamese mani-pedi’s (and Bikini waxes!)