‘Chosen’ 2-episode premiere of The Shannara Chronicles

That is the princess, and not like the Disney ones we see she actually goes against guys and beats the hell out of them coming 7th place!

She runs away to her aunt who knows something about magic, because she got visions about the demons coming to attack them and well it all started to happen as the tree is sick. Reminds me of Perch Jackson.

Now since she runs away she is the last chosen one among the 7. Yes it sounds stupid but it’s really awesome as the rest are killed by the demons.

So  these demons are planning their attack. This Druid shows up and he also finds Will whose father was a kind and yes you watched it all.

Towards the end we see them being attacked.

What made this series be special is the graphics and the world are just amazing, the plot doesn’t seem to be an episode problem solving they have a plan and they seem to be going through with it. 

All I can say is if you haven’t seen it you must see it!

And the demons are too ugly!

If you have watched it, leave a comment and share your thoughts.