Limitless S01E12: The Assassination of Eddie Morra

Review: So Limitless returned after many days with a new episode and this time it was some what surrounded around Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper) as there was an attempt on his life.

The episode started with Senator Morra being a target of an assassination who heroically manages to save himself as he was on NZT pills. The case of catching the culprit comes to FBI but Brian is asked to capture the real culprit and deviate the FBI from her as she is can expose Eddie Morra and Brian can lose his cure of the side effects happen because of NZT pills. Brian is also suppose to kill the person who tried to kill Senator Morra and he actually kills her which shakes Brian up.

Obviously, Morra is pleased by what Brian did for him and now that the threat is eliminated, he can get the cure regularly.

But the twist comes when we come to know about Brian’s plan with the one who tries to kill Eddie Morra as he didn’t kill actually kill her and just pretend to so that he can save her life.