The Middle (S07E11) “The Rush”

Review: This episode was really interesting because a lot of things happened to every character: Mike and his business try out social media, Axl has to find an internship, Brick goes pant shopping for the first time (which leaves Frankie wondering if she has taken him for granted) and Sue wants to get into a sorority.

Mike thinks Axl isn’t prepared for the business world, so to give him some more business experience, they both go to the Baby Product Convention together. Axl doesn’t really prove himself during the convention, but Mike also comes to the realization that he might not be totally up to date with the newest technologies of communication. He doesn’t know anything about social media and his primary communication method is using a mailer (fortunately, the mailer includes a self-addressed stamped envelope…), which doesn’t really make his potential customers enthusiastic. Axl signs Mike up for Twitter, but it only takes one day for Mike to get in a Twitter war. Things get out of hand because Mike ignores Axl’s advice and that’s when Mike sees that Axl actually might do alright, especially at his new internship at Little Betty.

When Brick comes home from the mall after doing some pant shopping on his own, Frankie wants to spend as much time with him as possible before he really becomes an adult. She channels her inner Beverly Goldberg, and cuddles him when he’s sleeping, but when he wakes up, Brick makes it very clear that he’s growing up: “I’m older now, I got a friend…You might have missed your window”. But Frankie convinces him to go bowling with her, and when he eventually agrees but also takes his friend Troy, Frankie actually has peace with the whole situation because it is “the natural order of things”.

Sue still doesn’t really have a lot of friends in college and hopes that joining a sorority will help with that. In the first days of sorority rush, it is hard for her to find her place, but in the end she becomes good friends with her ‘rush-buddy’ Lexie. Both Lexie and Sue don’t get into any sororities, and with all Sue’s experience in rejection, she is the one to cheer up Lexie.

This episode was great. The generational differences between Axl and Mike were very funny, especially Mike’s cluelessness about social media was perfect and hilarious. I like it that the diaper business is still running and I’m very interested to see Axl at his internship! I’m glad Sue made a college friend that will probably stick around. And we’ve seen it before this season, but Brick is really growing up. The way The Middle has handled Brick’s road to maturity is great so far, and I think it’s good that they showed that Frankie actually does care about him (something that I missed in the first episodes of the season).

Oh and just remember kids: “Marriage is not the answer”.

Rating: 9/10

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