The Goldbergs (S03E11) “The Tasty Boys”

Review: When the Kremps get a new kitchen, Beverly informs Murray she wants one too. But even with offered help from his friend Bill, Murray is against renovating because he is a creature of habit. To show Beverly that he isn’t afraid to try out new things, Murray agrees to change at least one thing in his life, but this backfires 30 seconds after he puts on new jeans. This still doesn’t mean that Bev will get a new kitchen, and that’s when she takes matters in her own hands, but she ends up ruining the whole kitchen. But of course Bev wouldn’t be Bev if she didn’t destroy the kitchen on purpose to get Murray to renovate it. However, he’s in on her little mind trick and has Bill come over to fix the kitchen, back to its original state. After a war about Coke, Beverly explains that she hoped that Murray compromised for once, instead of thinking about himself. And when he hears that, he feels bad and tries to change up some things: he wears a turtleneck, prepares a picnic and is even willing to make a small change to the kitchen.

Meanwhile, Barry and Adam realize that they have what it takes to form an ill rap group à la Beastie Boys: the Tasty Boys (“Who’s ill?! Oh my God, get to bed, no one’s going to school today”). Erica is not pleased to hear that her brothers try to be musicians because in her opinion they are just clueless idiots. Erica’s disapproval doesn’t stop Barry from holding auditions for a third member and despite his stage fright, the JTP’s Geoff is chosen to be the next member because of his resemblance to Ad-Rock and they start working on a style and an album cover (without having written any songs yet because they will just freestyle). Erica is still skeptical (and a little jealous) when the Tasty Boys pull off to get a gig at the pep rally at school. But moments before their performance, when they first try to rehearse, it is clear that Barry’s freestyle skills aren’t as great as he thought they were. Geoff bails on the group, but luckily Erica is there to help her brothers out and they perform a fantastic Beastie Boys lip sync at the pep rally.

Kudos to all guest actors in this episode. Sam Lerner’s portrayal of Geoff was fun and David Koechner also had some hilarious lines this week, it was a lot of fun to see him back! The last scenes of the episode were fantastic. Seeing the 3 siblings get along for once and lip sync to the Beastie Boys, was hilarious and great in combination with Murray and Beverly working on the kitchen. I also loved the dynamic between Murray and Beverly this episode, they had some very funny scenes together!

Barry’s last freestyle rap was the best though: “Bicycle, bicycle, I can’t disguise. I love your neck and I love your……….wheels.”

Rating: 9.5/10