The Shannara Chronicles: (S01E03) “Fury”

After the 2 hour premiere, this series showed a lot of potential. A plot which is continuous like a story book you are reading and no one episode stories but rather a smooth transition as every minute goes by.

But like every series it has it’s moments of craziness with the tree being the main focus but as you watch it will become a bit clearer as to what is happening to the princess. 

This episode was them going back to the princess’s home. The Druid got hurt so they were on their quest to try to heal him but get caught up by the same woman that had Will & the princess in her custody.

This episode was actually more of a plot development rather than a gush of excitement as it was aimed to show Will’s Magic and it’s side effects, and also make the people see that demons exist. 

It also showed how the three people in the cover of the series will join up as the princess sees both of them inside the tree. 

Saying that it was perfect is too much but for a plot development it was great.