The Big Bang Theory (S09E12) “The Sales Call Sublimation”

Review: Who wants to get their Sheld-on? Sheldon has nothing to do when Amy is at a neurobiology conference, and asks the rest of the group what their plans are. Howard and Bernadette are planning on getting the house ready for the remodel, Leonard isn’t interested in spending time with Sheldon at all, but Raj has the perfect form of entertainment: he’s scanning for rogue planets in the telescope room. Sheldon decides to join him and they find a medium-sized asteroid. They try to come up with a name together, but this takes more thought than expected. It’s rare that we see Sheldon and Raj paired together and I think that’s why I really enjoyed this story!

With plans of remodeling the house, Stuart thinks it’s time for him to move out and Howard and Bernadette are very happy to hear that. But when he’s finally gone, they don’t really know how to deal with their empty nest and they actually miss him. I thought Stewart was creepily funny again this week, as he has been in the whole season so far. I wonder ifStuart getting his own apartment will have an impact on the future family plans of Howard and Bernadette.

Meanwhile Leonard makes an appointment with a psychiatrist to help out Penny. She wants to meet with psychiatrist Dr. Gallow (guest star Jane Kaczmarek) to pitch a drug to her. Eventually both Leonard and Penny end up in therapy with her: Leonard goes on about how his mother ruined his life, and Penny discusses why she married Leonard. I think more episodes might get into this therapy thing and I’m interested to see how that’s gonna go (although I’d also be fine if they wouldn’t explore this more).

I think that after the great fall finale, it was going to be difficult for the writers to maintain the same quality in this episode, but I think they did pretty well. I really enjoyed the storylines of Sheldon and Raj and Leonard and Penny. The story of Howard and Bernadette was entertaining as well, but not as funny in my opinion. But overall it was a solid and funny episode!

Rating: 8.5/10