American Crime Season 2 Premiere: Episode 1

Reluctantly, Taylor tells his mom what happened he may have been raped at a party for the co-captains of the basketball team, Eric Tanner and Kevin La Croix .

Much like the first season ofAmerican Crime,” showrunner  John Ridley takes some watered subjects such as  race, class, privilege, identity and strips them right down to their bare essentialsRidley then bores down deeper, right into the human heart, where partial fact sand hazy information give way to emotions.They’re instantly familiar and intelligible, too. This is a mother’s story, and a woman’s story, deftly told.

The superlative cast has to bring its game  and deliverers. Huffman, King and Taylor are superb. The stand out to me was  Andre Benjamin, who was remarkable as  Jessup, as well as the other younger actors.

My Grade: A+